A Return To Sunday Dinners

Many of us grew up with a tradition of gathering on Sunday for dinner and in many homes that included extended family who lived nearby.  Grandparents were expected to be part of Sunday dinner and everyone benefitted from the mulitgenerational exchange of stories and recipes.

Over time, we have become so busy with our lives, this tradition of Sunday dinner has slipped away from most of us and we only host family gatherings on major holidays or to celebrate birthdays.

A new campaign is underway in Canada and the United States to bring families back together for regular meals.  The Sunday Dinner Pledge is asking people to commit to sitting down together as a family at least once a week.  According to a Global News report from May 2015, family mealtime is especially important for seniors to help prevent social isolation and provide an opportunity for family to make sure older relatives are eating properly and notice any changes is behaviour or medication management.

Sunday dinner doesn’t have to translate into a day slaving over the stove; families are perfectly happy with a pre-roasted chicken, a few side dishes and a loaf of fresh bread.   It’s the company that makes the meal and you can lighten the load by enlisting older children to contribute or have those who can bring a dish to share.

Home Instead Senior Care has partnered with Food Network’s chef Melissa d’Arabian to promote the Sunday Dinner Pledge.  To take the pledge and for dinner recipes and planning ideas, visit http://www.caregiverstress.com/fitness-nutrition/sunday-dinner/?page=1&type=recipe-2 .