A Smorgasbord of Meal Kits for 2020

At some point, even the most accomplished cook gets burned out in the kitchen.  And if you are trying to keep a resolution to eat healthier this year, or to drop a few pounds by cutting carbs, sugar or red meat, it can be a challenge to stay motivated.  But with the advent of meal kits and meal delivery services, the planning, shopping and often much of the preparation can be eliminated or reduced.  Plus new options are popping up all the time. 

If you are exploring a vegetarian, vegan, paleo or keto diet but not sure what to cook that will be nutritious as well as tasty, trying a meal kit from Home Chef or Sun Basket can help ease the transition.  For those who don’t have the skills or interest in cooking, more plans supply fully prepared meals like Veestro, Daily Harvest and Freshly which have options for those who are gluten-free, soy-free, kosher, nut-free or looking for a high protein or low-calorie diet.  

Joined WW for the New Year?  Formerly Weight Watchers, WW has rolled out not only a new program but also has developed a partnership with meal kit delivery service Blue Apron.  Approved meals will carry a WW badge and the brand will also have more recipe options and special diet labelling.  Moving away from counting calories or points, more diet plans are instead focusing on including more vegetables, fruits and lean proteins while eliminating added sugar and unhealthy fats.  

Meal kits can seem expensive and unnecessary but depending on the plan, it can be a much cheaper and significantly healthier alternative to carry-out food.   And for those interested in trying a new dish, the kits come with just the right amount of spices or sauce that won’t go to waste if the recipe wasn’t a hit.   

Meal kits can also be a great gift for families with a newborn, or older adults who may be recovering from surgery or illness.  Having nutritious meals or meal kits delivered right to your door can foster better rehabilitation for patients recovering from serious illness and help lighten the load for family caregivers.  

Learn more about the best meal kits for 2020 so far by following this link to a recent Huffington Post, Huffpost Finds report.