Adapting the Garden For Seniors

March may have come in like a lion but regardless, early Spring has a way of inspiring us to make grand plans for the garden once the warm weather finally does make an appearance that sticks.

There are a number of adaptive gardening tools that can ease arthritis or accommodate other physical limitations due to age, disability or illness without giving up the joy of digging in the dirt altogether.

Look for lightweight, brightly colored garden tools that stand out against the grass;  many are ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and some include an optional arm support cuff.  Even gardening gloves have taken a leap forward, the Bionic Gardening glove is strategically padded for comfort and improved grip.   Long-handled tools for cultivating, weeding, planting and edging can also take strain off the back, hips and knees that can result from hours spent kneeling.

Rolling garden benches or caddies are also a good option for those who find bending or kneeling no longer possible.  Another option is to bring the garden up to you!  Raised beds, pots and planters are a great option for seniors who enjoy gardening but not the strain of bending over and constantly weeding, cultivating and edging.

Don’t forget to ensure water is easily accessible, lightweight coiled hoses can be a good alternative to hauling heavy watering cans which can cause injury.  For design and product information about senior-friendly gardening check out many creative ideas on Pinterest or visit Thrive at .

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