Allure Magazine Bans Term Anti-Aging

In an age when 40 has become the new 30 and older adults are living longer, in better health and embracing longevity with vigor, somehow the fashion and beauty industry is still selling the message that aging is something to be avoided at all cost.

But no amount of lotions and potions, diet or exercise will prevent aging.  And rather than fight what we cannot change,  big media is beginning to alter it’s practice of portraying youth as the ideal.  In fact, Allure magazine is embracing older age by banning the term “anti-aging”, spearheading a change in attitude towards old age.  How we talk about older adults is important. Rather than saying someone looks good, “for their age”, a subtle shift in language, “you look great!”  can plant the seeds for a change in perception.

And with a rapidly growing senior population, it’s about time we start embracing old age as a privilege and something to look forward to rather than dread.  Older actors, especially women, who in the past have been put out to pasture at 40 are continuing to find juicy characters to play well into their 60s and 70s and 80s.  Helen Mirren, at 71, is more fierce than ever and we can’t forget Dame Judy Dench, 83, who has been nominated for seven Oscars, all of them when she was already over the age of 60.

New York blogger, photographer and author Ari Seth Cohen perhaps puts it best, “People don’t stop being stylish, creative and active as they age.  With time, style and creativity becomes advanced.”    To see who’s turning 60 (the new 50) in 2017 follow this link to . Spoiler alert!  Spike Lee is among these illustrious celebrities embracing the new old age and not slowing down one bit.