Are Your Brows Disappearing?

Aging ushers in all sorts of changes including ones we seldom discuss, let alone admit to, even among our closest friends.  One of the banes of getting older is hair.  While we may be thinning on top, many women and men may find facial hair popping up in unwanted places.  And most women discover at a certain age that their eyebrows have started to vanish.  Whether it is due to over-plucking in youth, hormonal changes or naturally losing pigment, disappearing eyebrows can change a person’s overall appearance.

But don’t grab a dark brow pencil quite yet or head to the tattoo parlor.  There is a science behind executing the perfect eyebrow and nobody wants to end up looking like Groucho Marx by mistake.  A wide variety of brow shaping tools and cosmetics are now available to help create a natural looking brow.

Consider visiting a brow bar at a local beauty supply store to get started with a good shape that can be maintained at home.  It may take a bit of time to re-grow brows that have been over-plucked.  Three basic options for keeping brows neat include plucking, waxing (which can be messy and painful) and the newest, threading.  Overgrown, unruly brows can be shaped with scissors but consider leaving this to the professionals.  Some brow kits include templates that can help shape brows to their best effect and powders can be used to fill in gaps and gradually build up color to create a natural appearance.

Without a full brow, eyes can look tired or droopy.  It is quite common for older women to have sparse or disappearing brows fading away towards the outer corner of the eye.  Short feathery strokes from a brow pencil, followed by a tinted brow gel over the entire brow can combat this problem.

If brows are grey or white, dying them at the hair salon is probably the easiest solution. A few silver hairs can be covered up with a brow marker or gel, but with mostly grey or white brows, a permanent light-brown dye can frame the face and create a more youthful look.

Finally, serums that claim to thicken brow hair or slow hair loss are generally unsubstantiated.  A healthy diet, good grooming and a gentle hand with the brow pencil, powder or gel are likely all that’s needed.

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