Best Time for Empty Nesters to List Their Home

Many will tell you the only time to list your home is in the early Spring when inventory is low and interest starts to gather after many months of quiet winter markets.  But summer is still a great season to put your home on the market if you are planning to downsize, with plenty of time for buyers to get settled before the kids are back to school.

And although Fall and Winter aren’t the most popular times to sell, when the house is ready is really the right time to get your best price.  Ideally, all repairs should be made, decor should be neutral and all clutter and personal items removed from the home before it is listed.  The enthusiasm for major home renovations in Canada seems to be waning however, according to Scotiabank’s Global Real Estate Trends July 2016 report.  Homeowners are focusing on smaller improvement projects north of the border while their U.S. counterparts are still spending on larger home renovations.  Be sure to know your market before gutting a kitchen or starting from scratch with a new bathroom.

Being ready to accept an offer and make the move to a new place is also key in knowing when the time is right to jump into the market. Avoid putting your home for sale on a long weekends or major holidays and make every attempt to price it right for the current market, if you price at 5 per cent below market value and it sells quickly, you are freed from the burden of carrying the costs of utilities, taxes and mortgage payments for the 6 months or longer it might take to get a bite with a higher listing price.

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