Bringing Sexy to Seventy

Men often maintain their sex appeal well into older age without much effort; going gray has had little effect on the popularity celebrities such as Jon Bon Jovi, 54, Richard Gere, 67 or George Clooney, 55, enjoy among women of all ages.  But women don’t have to “age gracefully” or give up what makes them feel sexy just because they are over 50 or 60 or even 70.

Today’s grandmothers are taking sexy to their 70’s and why not?  Whether single and looking for romance or keeping the sizzle going in a long-term relationship, mature women are embracing their sexuality.  Many came of age during the sexual revolution of the 1960’s and they have a far more open-minded view of sex than the previous generation.

Take a look at Jane Fonda, 78 or Raquel Welch, 76; these women are sexy.  Not just “for their age,” sexy, but sensuous beings by anyone’s definition.  And the subject of sex among seniors is becoming  less taboo and more mainstream.  Adult children might not want to think about their parents or even their grandparents “doing it” but perhaps it’s long past time to get over ourselves. If we are going to live into our ‘80s or even our ‘90s, giving up on intimacy at 50 seems a bit short-sighted.

How can men and women get their groove back? What is sexy to an older adult?  With age comes experience and many would agree that confidence is an appealing and sexy trait along with humor, kindness, intelligence and affection.  Different people find different things sexy, it doesn’t hurt to ask.  It might be high heels and red lipstick or a firm tush in gym shorts;  letting your partner know what turns you on is a great way to open the door for intimacy.

With age, there can be some sexual obstacles to overcome.  Medically, if there is trouble with having sex, discuss issues frankly with your doctor.  And talk openly with your partner; it may take longer to achieve arousal and a few sex toys or lubes might be called for but if the alternative is to close up shop, it might be worth the investment of time and a bit of money.  The internet is an amazing source of information and intimate products, all available from the privacy of your own bedroom.

And don’t forget sex is good for your health, it releases a number of chemicals that result in less anxiety and depression, better sleep, a brighter complexion, lower cholesterol and the release of endorphins which are natural pain killers.  There is even research that has found sex in older age improves brain function.   All the more reason to bring sexy out of the closet and along for the ride into older age.