Chapter 16 – Making Another Move

Time marches on and with it brings changes. Mom is still doing well but I can see the challenges the dementia keeps adding to her daily tasks. We are very hopeful that there will be a bed available in the Nursing Section of the LTC Home soon. The lists for admission are long, and so waiting is all we can do. I have been speaking with the administrators of both the Retirement and Nursing home as well as the Community Care Access who take care of placement for all seniors in the area. There are no easy answers, but keeping them all informed of our needs helps my concerns.

She is still very happy and content and we are so thankful that this dreaded disease had not taken more of who she is from us. She has very little short term memory, but she is journaling about her activities during the day. The fact that she remembers to journal is very interesting. It truly helps her to remind herself what she has done that day. She is back and forth from her room numerous times a day recording her information. This has become a habit for her, and while so many of her habits have changed this seems to stay constant.

The call for the room finally came and we are thrilled! We were informed there was a room available at the facility and we had 24 hours to decide. I have always felt it’s very important for Mom to be involved in the decision making.  There was only one choice, and I had to encourage her that it was a great decision. We went and saw the room and it was bright and airy and she thought that it might be ok. She would be in a different area of the facility then some of her friends, but we quickly explained that she could go anywhere she chose at any time which made the transition so much easier. She would have around the clock nursing staff, assistance with bathing and dressing and whatever else she required. It was such a wonderful relief.  The LTC facility where Mom lived was excellent and the staff so supportive which made all the changes much easier.

The move was very straight forward. She was simply relocating down the hall and into another area of the same facility. The staff took her to the dining room and within the hour we had her things moved and her new room ready. It was difficult for the first couple of days as she was not sure if this would work. She was restless and slightly confused but with my reassurance and the staff’s encouragement she settled into her new surroundings.

The joy that you experience when you know that she is being cared for and you have no worries is truly hard to express.  Honestly you don’t realize how much concern you are carrying until you experience the adjustment. It was incredible and gave me so much joy to know that once again she was ok.