Christmas is Coming

My Parents Are Old is the blog that eventually grew into The Oldish and it contained a few posts that were very well read. The most popular post was always the list of Christmas gifts to give to aging seniors whose needs were few. Perhaps some were aging in place and wanted to have fewer things to take care of while others lived in a long term care facility and had less need and even less storage space. As fall settles in and our minds turn to the routines of everyday life, it won’t be long until holiday preparations begin, so we’ve updated the original post for The Oldish:

It’s that time of year again – what on earth can family and friends put on Santa’s list for their seniors who have everything or perhaps live in long term care where space is limited? I vividly recall putting my Grandpa’s laundry away and finding unopened shirts and socks that were given to him for the past several Christmas seasons. With a little more thought than my teenage brain was able to muster a really usable gift can be given. Here are some ideas for you:

  • puzzles – either jigsaw or crossword … both are available in larger sizes to save eye strain
  • digital picture frame loaded with family pictures and holiday memories
  • subscription to satellite radio
  • gift certificate for a favourite restaurant
  • low vision playing cards
  • playing card holder
  • membership to senior’s exercise class
  • back scrubber for those with limited range of motion
  • cane tip for winter snow and ice
  • hip protectors for those at risk of a hip fracture
  • tablet with apps such as Skype/Facetime, Scrabble, Solitaire and email pre-loaded
  • subscription to a favourite magazine
  • ‘coupons’ for rides to the doctor, mall or community event
  • a selection of greeting cards to have handy including birthday, anniversary and condolence cards – don’t forget a roll of stamps
  • frozen single serving meals with warming instructions written or taped to covering
  • an early gift of a plate of Christmas goodies to offer holiday visitors – a package of refills would be nice to include
  • gift card to the local coffee shop
  • tickets to an upcoming concert or play
  • non-breakable water bottle with attachment for wheelchair/walker – the more colourful, the better
  • large button TV remote or telephone
  • Yak Trax attachments for boots
  • calendar for upcoming year with family/friend birthdays, anniversaries and events noted
  • warm, cozy blanket or scarf
  • cell phone with large keys specifically for seniors