Coming Soon – A Super Suit That Keeps Seniors Mobile

Technology has made great leaps in recent years, helping older adults age in place more safely and remain connected with their friends and family.  Telemedicine can bring a doctor into the home of a senior who no longer drives and smart homes allow families members to check that mom or dad is following their routine.  And now researchers are developing new wearable technology that would help elderly adults remain mobile by boosting their muscle power.

According to a recent BBC Future report, a “super suit”, designed by Seismic can help seniors stay active and maintain their independence with powered clothing that uses tiny motors to mimic muscle contractions.  With sensors that track body movements, the suit activates when the wearer needs assistance with individualized programming.  Designers have worked to make the suit comfortable and discreet, something you would want to wear.   Seismic is the first company to make clothing with integrated electro-mechanical muscles that help seniors maintain their movement.  Whether it’s difficulty getting up from sitting or maintaining balance while walking, powered clothing can give wearers more confidence, allowing them to stay active.

Besides helping seniors stay mobile, powered clothing could also have the potential to help people recovering from stroke and assist people with disabilities that affect movement like muscular dystrophy or multiple sclerosis.  There is also the possibility for application in industrial workplaces. The first of the range of powered clothing is expected to launch by the end of this year in the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Over the age of 60, muscle loss accelerates quickly and although regular exercise, including strength training, can help prevent muscle loss, for some older adults powered clothing may be a game changer that keeps them moving more and sitting less.   And by staying active, seniors can enjoy a better quality of life. 

Learn more about powered clothing by following this link to the Siesmic website.