Dad Sneakers Only Cool for Fashionistas

While the chunky, some might say ugly, “dad sneaker” trend is still in vogue among fashionable women, hefty white tennis shoes are clearly off limits for older men.  If the mood strikes to shop for dad on his special day, classic and retro shoes are always cool and comfortable; think old-school converse, a vintage look trainer, a clean derby shoe or a Chelsea boot for more rugged activities.  No matter what look dad might be rocking this season, he may find that a slightly larger size is required; with age, feet get flatter and widen.  

According to the Cleveland Clinic, it’s important to have your foot measured and fitted every couple of years to avoid some of the foot problems that plague many older adults.  In studies, up to 87 percent of older people reported at least one foot problem.  And just because you have always worn a size 9.5,  that doesn’t mean this will be the correct size forever.  Not only do the feet absorb the impact of walking or running, with time the ligaments and tendons become more lax. Older adults also tend to gain a little weight as they age which can also lead to a flattening of the foot. 

Well fitted, supportive and cushioned shoes help to absorb shock.  With age, the fat pads that cushion the bottom of the foot become thinner.  Taking good care of feet in older age can help prevent problems that can lead to pain or serious health conditions.  Visit a podiatrist at the first sign of a problem and get an annual foot health check by your doctor to nip any problems early. 

By age 50, you have likely put about 75,000 miles on your feet; more if you have led an active lifestyle.  It’s well worthwhile to spend a little time and cash on good, properly fitted shoes to help older adults stay active, preserve function and improve balance which helps prevent falls.  

Learn more about how you can keep your feet healthy and pain-free by visiting the Institute for Preventative Foot Health here.