De-Clutter Your Smartphone Today

Is your smartphone interfering with your quality of sleep, interpersonal relationships or causing you to miss important moments like the winning goal in your favorite sport?  You are not alone, according to a new Xfinity Mobile survey, and baby boomers are just as tethered to their devices as younger generations.

Of 1,000 adults surveyed across the United States, more than half of baby boomers said they check all notifications within a minute of receiving them and a third reported that they are often distracted from what they were planning to use their phone for by notifications.  Another 24 per cent of adults surveyed said their smartphones kept them from falling asleep at night.

Using electronics before bed is known to lead to poorer sleep quality due to the light emitted by smartphones or tablets but also by keeping people thinking about what information they might be missing while sleeping.  Sleep problems can affect cognitive performance, mood, increase the likelihood for anxiety and depression and elevate the risk for cardiovascular disease and a weakened immune system.

Practicing bad cell phone habits can take a toll on mental as well as physical health.  Like a slot machine, smartphones and in particular social media apps are designed to create addictive behavior.  They even change brain chemistry, leading to an inability to concentrate and memory problems.  But there are a number of simple changes you can make right now to de-clutter your phone and starting living your life!

Tips to Clean Up Your Smartphone

  • Turn off your phone’s notification in the settings
  • Put your phone on grayscale in the color filter to make it less enticing
  • Delete applications you aren’t using
  • Organize applications into folders so that you can find them more easily
  • Invest in an alarm clock so you don’t rely on your phone to tell the time or wake you
  • Keep your smartphone out of the bedroom and off the dinner table
  • Only allow yourself to check your phone once per hour
  • Use the phone for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time
  • Free up storage by deleting what you don’t need or uploading to the cloud
  • Put your phone away while socializing, watching a movie or enjoying sports

Source: Xfinity Mobile Phone Cleanse