#ElderWisdom Project Combats Ageism

In Ontario, Canada, June is Seniors Month and a new initiative is in progress to combat ageism and social isolation and to celebrate the contribution older adults continue to make in their communities.  

Recently, long-term care and retirement homes operated by Schlegel Villages have implemented a campaign, the #ElderWisdom project, that encourages seniors to share their wisdom.  With the help of a travelling little green bench, older adults will be encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences and in doing so, help seniors feel more included in their communities and fight ageism. 

In a digital age, personal storytelling is making a comeback encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to put down their devices and connect with one another face to face.  Older adults, with a wealth of life experiences, are a vast untapped resource for communities and younger people have been missing out on the sage advice of the elders due to isolation. 

In the month of June, residents of the Villages will sit on the benches, at various location, and invite passersby to join them for conversation.  Spending a few moments with an elder offers the opportunity to ask questions and receive advice from some of society’s oldest, and wisest generations.  By creating more opportunities for people of all ages to connect, seniors and younger generations can feel less isolated from one another. 

The bench will make the following stops in Ontario, through the end of June:

  • Windsor Dieppe Gardens on Friday, June 22.
  • Twitter Party Hosted by @SchlegelVillage 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 26.
  • Barrie Heritage Park on Wednesday, June 27.
  • Kitchener City Hall on Friday, June 29.
  • St. Jacobs St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market on Saturday, June 30.

Source:  CBC News

Learn more about the #ElderWisdom bench project by watching this video produced by Schlegel Village and featuring The Right Honourable David Johnston, former Governor General of Canada.