Experts Help Seniors Downsize

The idea of purging a lifetime of possessions can be liberating for older adults preparing to downsize but it can also be an overwhelming task that carries emotional weight.  And for those who have avoided getting rid of things gradually over the years, decluttering, sorting, selling and donating household items can suck up a huge amount of time. 

Seniors with adult children may dream of having a smaller home to keep up, freeing up both time and finances to travel or pursue other dreams.   But busy lives, work and family demands may make it hard to find the time and the stamina to thoughtfully purge and streamline a household full of belongings. 

New businesses are rapidly popping up across North America to help the growing number of older adults sort their possessions and decide what to sell, donate or discard in preparation for a move.   According to a recent Globe and Mail report, many elderly adults need compassionate help getting a home ready to sell and transitioning to a much smaller apartment or into assisted living.   Businesses like Destinations Seniors Downsizing charge an hourly fee for services and can help create a sense of familiarity and home in a new setting with carefully selected pieces of furniture, artwork and mementos. 

Because most young adults don’t want their parents’ or grandparents’ china or collection of figurines and may be living at a distance, private companies that help older adults, sort, move and clean a home in preparation for a move will likely be in high demand.  With an average cost of $3,000 to complete the task, seniors who are planning to downsize in the near future may want to consider doing some of their own purging.  By asking yourself, “Do I love it?”, Do I need it? and “Will I use it?”, the task can be made easier. 

For more tips on how to declutter your home in preparation for downsizing or to live in a more organized and safe home, following this link to a recent post in AARP’s Home & Family section.