Fashion Flair for Women over 50

For most women, clothing and accessories are a way to express themselves, feel more confident and accentuate their best features.  Most of all, dressing with thought and finding your true style, is both fun and liberating.  And women over the age of 50 are no exception, many middle-aged and older women enjoy fashion but aren’t sure what’s appropriate or flattering for their age.  Here are a few tips we’ve gathered over the years at The Oldish.

By knowing what works on your body, wearing what pleases you and focusing on quality over quantity, women over 50 can find the joy in fashion and daily dressing.  They aren’t afraid to try new things while still holding true to their individual style.  Fit is probably the most important aspect of dressing well; develop a relationship with a good seamstress and don’t settle for ill-fitting garments.  You will always feel like a million bucks in a jacket that fits and flatters; being selective is worth the extra effort.

Just as Marie Kondo encourages us to keep only what we find useful and beautiful in our homes, the same philosophy should apply to your closet.  Keep only the pieces you love and use, creating a wardrobe that coordinates in a variety of ways.  If you travel often, capsule dressing can work well to create a mix and match closet that takes the guess-work out of putting outfits together.  Building a wardrobe that works together takes a little more thought but will ultimately save time, money and frustration.  Select pieces that complement one another rather than match perfectly and always ask yourself how a new piece will work with your existing wardrobe and if you will really wear it.  Skip impulse purchases that don’t fit your lifestyle or that you don’t love.

Women of a certain maturity can also pull off unique or vintage pieces that bring interest and fun to a look; it’s the little things that make an outfit memorable and may even start conversations.  A little print mixing, playing with proportion or layering accessories can pull a simple outfit together and kick up your fashion credibility a notch.  Keeping makeup natural and hair and glasses current goes a long way to remaining fashionable and put-together at any age.   In a nutshell? Keep learning, don’t get stuck in a style rut but always be true to yourself.  Oh, and if you don’t have a full-length mirror, it’s time to invest in one.