Florida Rates Poorly for Senior Safety

Retired snowbirds leave their northern homes in droves each winter to escape the snow and cold in warmer climates, most commonly Florida where many have a second home or have relocated permanently.  But a recent study that evaluated five categories affecting the well-being of older adults may have some seniors re-thinking their plans to head south.

According to an online study published on TheSeniorList.com, Florida was ranked 51st, as the least safe state for seniors.  The Sunshine State also scored poorly in the categories of fraud, cost of housing, poverty, violent deaths and living alone.  Fraud is especially prevalent in Florida, a state which is home to the highest percentage of residents over the age of 65 in the country. 

Thanks to increasing longevity and the baby boom, the elderly population is expected to more than double from the current 50 million American seniors to an estimated 80 million by 2050. And although states like Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Florida are popular destinations for older adults in retirement, they also top the list for overall risk. 

The top safest states, according to the study are Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota and Utah.  But for older adults looking to escape the snow and cold, warmer destinations with a better track record for seniors include Hawaii (13th), Arkansas (23rd), North Carolina (28th) and Kentucky(29th).  For a full list of rankings, visit The Senior List’s website.

If you are thinking of retiring abroad, International Living has researched the top places on the planet to retire in 2019:

  • 10. Spain – warm climate, good food, low cost of living, good healthcare, excellent rail service
  • 9.  Thailand – cheap rentals, tropical climate, plentiful fresh food, affordable healthcare
  • 8.  Peru – low cost of living, great food, friendly locals, diverse landscape
  • 7.  Portugal – affordable, safe, beautiful country
  • 6.  Colombia – diverse climate,  good healthcare, affordable
  • 5. Malaysia – tropical climate, good healthcare, affordable housing
  • 4. Ecuador – beautiful landscape, affordable housing, excellent food
  • 3. Mexico – quality healthcare, beautiful scenery, low cost of living
  • 2. Costa Rica – low cost of living, affordable medical care, cheap real estate
  • 1. Panama – tropical climate, excellent health care, low cost of living

Source:  International Living