Grab bars

One of the basic tools that can help keep seniors safe in their own homes is the installation of grab bars. Once you’ve been advised on the best grab bars and optimum locations, make sure you understand the proper installation technique to maximize your senior’s safety.

Horizontal and vertical grab bars are particularly useful in the bathroom. Installed in the shower, vertical grab bars can assist with transfers in and out of a shower stall. Both vertical and horizontal grab bars are useful to assist with getting into or out of a seated position in a tub and also the transfer in and out of the tub. Follow this link for a good instructional pdf from the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists to assist with the installation of bathroom grab bars.

Floor to ceiling vertical grab bars are useful in other places in the home where transfers are made and stability is compromised. Think about getting in and out of chairs in the living room or dining room and also getting in and out of bed.