Have Fun with Leap Day Traditions

With an extra day this month to enjoy, many businesses are capitalizing on leap year day to bring in more customers with 29-themed deals.  Better even are the deals for “leaplings”; people who were born on Leap Day.  Retired and on a budget? Any excuse for a deal is worth investigating.

Check out pizzerias for discounts including 29 percent off pies or restaurants for leap day deals.  Hotels are also offering discounts for rooms booked on February 29; a great motivation to book a weekend getaway. 

If you are thinking of tying the knot anytime soon, according to leap day tradition, women are encouraged to propose to their sweetheart on the occasion of February 29th.  In Scottish folklore, women were permitted to propose on a leap-year day, with the caveat they had to wear a red petticoat under their skirt to clue their suitor into their intentions.   A Celtic Claddagh ring, and it’s symbolism associated with love, loyalty and friendship makes an appropriate men’s engagement ring.  

Although superstition says that marriages that take place in a leap year will end in divorce or those born on Leap Day will live a life of hardship, a leap day happy hour cocktail will surely make the extra day a little easier to swallow.   Stella Artois has even created a Leap Day Beer Fund promotion offering rebates through midnight on February 29, 2020. 

However you choose to celebrate the extra day before March roars or bleats it’s way in, enjoy a little bit of Leap Day fun; after all, it only comes once in four years!  This is the first time February 29 has fallen on a Saturday in nearly 3 decades giving all of us that extra day on a weekend to have fun, explore something new or maybe take that romantic leap.