Health Care Apps to Check Out

Arriving at the doctor with a list of the right questions is an important tool for keeping well or getting to the bottom of ongoing issues with a diagnosis and now there are apps to help seniors and caregivers keep track of health questions and share information.

AskMD, available for Iphone and Android, allows patients to check symptoms, find a doctor and organize information including insurance and medications as well as receive health tips.  Having all your health information in one easily accessed place also helps save time and prevent medication mix-ups.

The idea behind the app is to be better prepared for your time with your doctor, which is often short.  It guides you through a series of questions you might not have thought to ask yourself about your symptoms in order to better optimize your health care services.  Seniors can use health care technology to better organize their information, reducing the need for multiple doctor visits and frustration.

The possibilities for health care technology are endless.  With the advent of the Apple watch and other smartwatches, health apps have been rapidly hitting the market to help monitor blood sugar, remind you to take medication, control stress and track blood pressure and heart rate.   Many insurance providers have their own app to help you track your health information and provide you with tools to improve wellness.

MyChart is an app that allows you to access your medical records on your smartphone and track medications, vaccinations, last doctor visit and even schedule visits and request prescription refills.  Apps like MyVision or First Derm can help you determine if a visit to an optometrist  or dermatologist is warranted. And for those who may have difficulty getting to the doctor, Doctor on Demand provides access to professionals through video chat or audio calls without leaving home.  A standard 15 minute call will cost about $40 and you cannot choose your doctor.

Apps won’t replace time with a doctor or other health care professional, but they may offer tools to help make the most of your visits and arrive organized and well prepared.