Holiday Survival

The shopping and baking are almost done and plans are in place for families to come together in the annual holiday celebration. For some it’s a joyous time full of laughter, a bit too much food and a chance to catch up with family and friends. Others will find the holidays more trying due to a recent loss, family estrangement or health issues. We thought we’d make it a bit easier for those looking for quick information or guidance by pulling together links to some of our more popular articles that span the issue of holiday survival.

For those still in the throws of decorating, don’t forget to keep safety in mind in your haste to beat the clock. Still thinking of safety, for those who live in regions where snow is a factor, make sure you clear the driveways and sidewalks with your own safety in mind.

Madly searching for a gift for the hard to buy senior who may live in a small apartment or long term care? We’ve got you covered with this gift list. Perhaps you’re looking for something meaningful for the person who takes on the caregiving duties for a family member. If so, check out this list and see what may suit.

While you’re shopping, wrapping and preparing stay alert to scams. With your attention so divided it can be easy to misunderstand what’s being asked of you until it’s too late.

Many families have little ones that will be roaring around the house exploring and making a bit of mischief. Keep them safe by being mindful of drugs, cleaning materials and anything else that may seem attractive to little hands. Lock them up, move them up high and let older children help you keep an eye out for anyone who might be a little too curious. A bit of preparation here can save some bad moments.

Those who are grieving the passing of a loved one may struggle to find joy in time-honoured traditions. Perhaps this is a time to pass the torch and start new traditions that pay homage to those who have departed while making the holiday your own. For others, the issue is estrangement and the holidays are a time of either remembering what was or tolerating holiday togetherness. Either way, if just making it through the day is your goal check out this article and follow the link contained within for more strategies. Don’t forget seniors who may be isolated. If you aren’t sure if isolation is an issue for you or for someone you may be aware of, read this and consider the answers to the questions.

When your family celebrations include an aging senior who lives in long-term care being careful not to overwhelm them is important. It’s all in the planning so have a look at this for tips to structure the day.  When your loved one is challenged with dementia it can be difficult to know how to keep them comfortable in the chaos of family get-togethers so try these strategies to keep everything simple and easy for all. If you’re looking for music to play during the gathering, have a look at these popular songs from different eras. Playing them may start wonderful conversations about memories of days gone by that the whole family would enjoy.

Food and drink are all part of celebrating anything but in the days that follow the piper will have to be paid! Better to enjoy in moderation to avoid the suffering of trying to lose that extra weight. Consider skipping the egg nog and checking out this great recipe for Winter Sangria that will keep calories down to a dull roar without skimping on taste. If you decide to have at it and deal with it later, consider the benefits of cardio to your gut health and kill two birds with one treadmill. We all have someone sitting at our table that presents the chef with food challenges like celiac disease or vegetarianism but it doesn’t have to be difficult to make sure everyone leaves with a full belly. Google is your friend for recipes and suggestions to keep your guests happy.

Boxing Day means different things in different parts of the world. For those who live in the west it means shopping the sales and eating leftovers. Looking for some new traditions? Check out these great ideas.

Last but not least, remember to take care of yourself over the holidays. A moment to yourself may be all that it takes, but it’s all too easy to get caught up in the merriment and decide you can put off emerging health issues. Avoiding colds and flu are important for aging seniors who can feel the impact more severely. Listen to your inner voice if something doesn’t seem quite right and be safe, not sorry. There’s another holiday next year!