How Well Are You Aging?

There are four simple tests you can perform to determine how well you are really aging, beyond  the superficial appearance of wrinkles and gray hairs.  According to a report in the Huffington Post, August 19, 2015 Life Handbook, a few tests can give a clearer picture of how well, or not so well, you might be aging.

  1. A simple balance test can assess risk for falls.  To perform the test – balance on one leg with the other bent at the knee and arms cross.  Time how long you can hold this position; those in their 60’s average 27 seconds, in the 70’s – 17 seconds and in the 80’s  – 8.5 seconds.
  2. Get Up and Go Test:  Rise from a seated position and walk 10 feet forward, turn around and return to seat. Most healthy adults should be able to perform this test in less than 10 seconds.
  3. Gait speed walking – walking 20 feet (or six meters) with the halfway point marked off.  Adults in their 60’s should be able to walk at a speed of 1.10 meters per second.
  4. Grip test – using a dynamometer, the subject will squeeze the tool with as much strength as they can and it will measure the force exerted.  Women and men in their 60’s average 53 and 89 pounds of force respectively.

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