Insomnia Fix

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Is life too busy between job, kids, aging parents and you just can’t turn off your brain? Sleep is essential for good health and quality of life, so we have found a solution that seems to be working for a lot of adults – adult bedtime stories in the form of podcasts called “Sleep With Me, The Podcast That Puts You To Sleep.”

Developed, produced and recorded by podcaster Drew Ackerman, the sleepy time podcasts are delivered in a monotone manner and are guaranteed to become increasingly boring so that you will eventually nod off. In fact, the one I listened to quickly became a lot of story about absolutely nothing and, yes, I nearly nodded off in the name of research.

With titles such as Mustache Brain, A Bjork’d Love Story, Would You Ask a Goat a Rhetorical Question? and Cinderella and the Queen of Lentils amidst a library of some 300 podcasts including Napcasts available currently, Ackerman is very serious about helping people quiet their brains and get a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re a caregiver worried about your aging parent, a recent retiree adjusting to new schedules or an aging senior who finds sleep challenging, these podcasts may be your drug-free solution. Let us know how they work for you by posting a comment.

You can find your best source for Ackerman’s podcasts by following this link where you will find the ability to subscribe on iTunes, Android, RSS or by bookmarking the website.

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