IV Infusion Clinics

IV Infusion clinics are one of many alternative options in taking care of your health. What started as a celebrity treatment has now gone main stream. While there are opposing views to this therapy it is gaining popularity.

 IV vitamin therapy is commonly used for the treatment and prevention of cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, colds and flu. This therapeutic practice also helps to hydrate the body and detoxify the liver and lymphatic system, thereby helping your body work more efficiently. It is an ideal process for patients who cannot easily swallow pills or have a compromised digestive system.

After performing the necessary blood work to determine your individual needs, a naturopathic doctor will tailor your IV treatment to maximize the outcome. He provides a complete diagnostic and profiling service to identify nutritional deficiencies and will recommend the perfect balance to maximize the power of IV Therapy. An alternative at some clinics is to have your personal doctor submit a prescription for infusion. This of course will depend if your doctor feels this is the correct treatment for you.

Dehydration is a concerning issue for seniors and their caregivers. One of the IV Infusion Clinics that were researched offer a hydration drip that has a blend of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes formulated to swiftly restore fluids and detoxify, leaving you feeling recharged and refreshed. The mix is vitamin B12, Thiamine, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Selenium, Chromium, Magnesium, Calcium and Electrolytes.  Dehydration therapy is only one of many conditions that they treat with nutrient injections and IV therapy.

Intravenous administration is an effective way to administer minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Oral vitamin-minerals may not work for certain people due to the limitation of intestinal absorption and cellular transport systems. Using intravenous medicine absorption can be increased dramatically and act as a supportive therapy for increasing energy, anti-aging and speeding up recovery from illness. The Myers Cocktail is a vitamin infusion packed with vitamins and minerals designed to help improve your overall health and wellness. It is named after Dr. John Myers who is the pioneer of this treatment.  The cocktail includes Magnesium, Calcium, B-Complex, Potassium Chloride, Selenium, Zinc, MTE5 (trace elements), Molybdenum, B12, Folic Acid and Dexpanthenol Pyridoxine.

 Myer’s cocktails are also available as a specific blend of B complex, B5, B6, B12, vitamin C and magnesium. This IV treatment is administered through a “push” that takes 15-20 minutes and often provides patients with more energy and a kick start to the metabolism. Older patients and chronically ill patients with nutritional deficiencies and compromised intestinal absorption often find great benefit from this therapy.

As a part of the doctor’s assessment they will always perform basic lab testing to insure proper selection of supplementation based on liver and renal function. “Most patients with fatigue or even chronic fatigue syndrome will benefit from Myer’s cocktail infusions, often within the first few treatments. Ongoing maintenance infusions every few weeks are usually necessary to maintain good results, but some patients improve enough that further treatments are not necessary. Chronic pain including that from relapsing injury or fibromyalgia, has been shown to improve with Myer’s cocktails.

 The cost of these treatments is not public information until you make an appointment and have an assessment. Check this link to see if IV therapy may be right for you.  As with any alternative treatment, a discussion with your doctor is recommended.