Job Hunting Strategies for Seniors

Freedom 55 might be shifting closer towards 75 in today’s retirement plan and that may mean job hunting once again later in life.  Many seniors have discovered that they are looking for employment once again due to inadequate retirement savings, unplanned expenses or simple boredom.

In a recent Sun Life survey, 32 per cent of respondents reported they expect to be working part-time by age 66.

Older adults are living much longer and healthier lives and as a result, retirement may not necessarily mean golfing, knitting or volunteering.  Many seniors enjoy the fulfillment of a work day and the extra money to enjoy a better quality of life doesn’t hurt either.

Job Hunting Tips for Seniors

  • Check job search websites geared to “experienced worker”  like ,  (Work at Home Vintage Experts) or .
  • Network with former co-workers and let the word out you are looking for a job
  • Prepare well for interviews and approach companies directly, saving them recruiting dollars.
  • Stay contemporary looking in personal style without being trendy
  • Look for temporary projects that may be less appealing to younger workers
  • Start volunteering – can lead to gainful employment in something meaningful
  • Have your resume ready and updated
  • Update computer skills if necessary; stay on top of new technology

To learn more about employment opportunities for seniors in Canada, visit the Service Canada website at .