Men’s Health Month Gets Guys Moving

With just one weekend remaining in the month of June, there is still time to take advantage of Canadian Men’s Health Month to remind the men in your life to take an active role in protecting their future health.   Men are often less proactive than women when it comes to regular doctor appointments, health screenings and visits to the dentist or eye doctor – and don’t even get us started on hearing aids!

Although sometimes unpleasant or uncomfortable, staying on top of one’s health with regular check-ups, an active lifestyle and a healthy diet can add many healthy years to the lives of men.  As we have learned so well over the past year, regular social interaction is also vital for good health and well-being.  

Men can be less likely to foster and nurture their relationships than women.  But it’s those social connections that help us stay engaged with our communities as we age, feel valued and give us purpose.  A close friend group is irreplaceable when facing difficulties such as illness or the loss of a loved one.  

Many of the health challenges older men encounter can be prevented or improved with lifestyle changes like stopping smoking, eating a healthy diet, limiting alcohol and getting regular exercise.   The risk for developing chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, depression or prostate cancer can be significantly reduced with lifestyle modifications that support good physical and mental health.  

Many men find it difficult to manage stress and are hesitant because of old stigmas to seek professional help for mental health problems like anxiety or depression.  But with greater acceptance and widespread access to mental health counselling and treatment, more men are getting the help they need to battle mental illness and lead happier, longer, more vital lives.  

The theme of this year’s Men’s Health Month campaign is Move for Your Mental Health.  A series of virtual events, fitness classes and movement pledges encourage Canadian men to become more active while raising funds for mental wellness.  Learn more by following this link to the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation website.