Online Tools for End-of-Life Planning

Broaching the subject of end-of-life planning with family or other loved ones is one of the most avoided and difficult discussions we can imagine.  But with the help of new tech ventures that are quickly popping up, eager to serve the growing senior population, there might be just be an app or a website that can help facilitate detailed planning for death.

Older adults, especially the baby boomer generation, are very comfortable online.  Whether it’s researching health issues, staying connected through social media or managing their investments, it makes sense that planning for end-of-life can be done in large part on the web.  And to help customers shop and plan for their eventual passing, services are emerging to guide people through estate planning, funeral arrangements, tasks to be done after a death or even how to manage their digital legacy (Facebook, online dating, Instagram profiles etc.).

One such start-up developed in 2015, dubbed Cake, guides users through the maze of end-of-life choices including medical preferences, legal and financial issues, funeral plans and a host of other decisions one might not have thought of before.  By answering a deck of questions, Cake will help you learn what needs doing and allows customers to store and share their end-of-life preferences with loved ones.  To learn more visit

Almost 2.6 million people die each year in the United States alone and online planning for death is poised to take it’s fair share of the booming funeral industry.   Comparison shopping for funerals? No problem.  Parting, a website that compares local funeral home estimated costs will help individuals or family members take the first steps in making arrangements for end-of-life.  By planning ahead, grieving loved-ones can be spared making difficult and costly decisions during times of great stress.

No matter how you decide to plan, in person or online, (or a bit of both), getting a handle on major decisions in advance can alleviate some of the burden placed on families in a crisis.  Knowing your wishes will be carried out can also give those reaching the end of life a deep sense of resolution and calm rather than uncertainty and fear.  A far better way to go.