Premature Ejaculation Possible at Any Age

Most often when the subject of premature ejaculation is discussed, it is assumed that the only men affected are young or inexperienced, but P.E. can affect males of all ages and the onset may occur later in life.  

The condition, in which a man ejaculates before he or his partner wants him to with very minimal sexual stimulation, is the most common sexual disorder among males.  One in three men will experience P.E. at some point in their lives and it can not only hinder sexual satisfaction, but it may also put stress on romantic relationships.  But there are therapies that can help, and it’s important to talk openly with your doctor to find the right solution for the individual. 

According to a recent report in McMaster University’s Optimal Aging Portal, health rather than age is the biggest factor in premature ejaculation and while a number of therapies are available, behavioral therapy has proved beneficial without any side effects.  Some of the drugs used to treat this condition may have side effects that should be discussed with your health care provider.  A combination of drug and behavioral therapy has been found to improve sexual satisfaction and delay ejaculation better than either one used independently. 

Treatments that can help increase time to ejaculation include anesthetic creams or sprays, anti-depressant drugs, drugs for erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure drugs, acupuncture, Chinese medicine and delay devices.  Discussing all the options with your health care professional is the best way to discover which option or combination of therapies will be of the greatest benefit.  

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