Rendever VR Platform Engages Seniors

After an all-too-brief reprieve from strict pandemic restrictions, many schools, businesses, and recreational facilities have either closed for in-person participation or restricted admittance.  For older adults in senior living communities, these renewed restrictions can be isolating and lead to poorer health and well-being.  But a new virtual reality fitness platform, Rendever, that combines socialization with exercise, is hoped to improve physical and cognitive fitness while providing opportunities for social interaction. 

According to a recent GlobeNewswire report, RedeverFit first became available for preorders in September 2021 and is now shipping worldwide to senior living communities and hospice care providers.  Seniors who can no longer take walks or ride a bicycle can use the virtual platform to stay active and socially engaged.  

Regular social interaction is vital to overall well-being and can improve mental health as well as emotional, psychological, and cognitive function among older adults.  By participating in fun and engaging activities, developers hope seniors will experience a boost in health and happiness within their communities. 

The RendeverFit platform offer three modules: 

  • Cycling through a picturesque landscape, competing for high scores by popping colored balloons. 
  • Paddling to a remote island improving hand-eye coordination and developing their swing through target practice.
  • Painting on a virtual 3D canvas using the MultiBrush, a multiplayer version of the earlier released Tilt Brush. 

The device uses a lightweight headset and hand tracing that allow for more control over hand movements by users.  The platform is designed to help improve the well-being and health of seniors, especially during another wave of COVID-19 that presents many staffing challenges in care facilities. A daily live-programming feature also helps to keep residents engaged. 

Families can also get involved if they have a loved one who lives in a senior living community that offers RendeverFit by creating a life story, uploading videos of family reunions, recitals, weddings, or grandchildren playing, and by sharing photo albums both past and present. 

Learn more about Rendever by following this link to the company website.