“Seasoned” Magazine Inspires Seniors to Cook

Eating a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein is a key component of well-being, especially in older age.  But many seniors who live alone may not cook for themselves often or maintain a well-balanced diet.  That’s where a new cooking magazine geared to adults over the age of 60 comes in, hoping to inspire older adults to cook at home and improve their health and happiness. 

According to a recent WGBH News report, “Seasoned” is a cooking magazine for older adults that includes recipes, tips and tricks for everyone from the novice chef learning their way around the kitchen to veteran cooks who could use a little inspiration.  The non-profit publisher, ChopChop Family, also puts out cooking magazines for children. 

“Seasoned” quarterly magazine teaches older adults how to stretch their food budget while learning to make nutritious and diverse meals that help to prevent chronic illness.  The recipes are low fat, low salt and not too spicy.  The publication will also feature ergonomic kitchen tools, equipment recommendations, cooking skills and information about health-enhancing foods as well as exercises and puzzles. The magazine editor and veteran cookbook author John Willoughby has written a column for the New York Times and co-written 11 cookbooks.

Older adults are living longer than ever before and aging baby boomers are interested in staying healthy and active in their senior years.  A healthy diet, along with other lifestyle habits can help protect well-being in older age.  And cooking meals at home not only saves money, preparing meals with friends and family can create opportunities for meaningful social interaction.  Instead of going out for a meal, why not gather some loved-ones and test out a new recipe or style of cooking?

Check out the “Seasoned” Instagram page for recipes and more.