Senior Duo Releases Album

Good news seems to be in short supply lately so when The Oldish notices a positive, uplifting and perhaps even motivational story related to aging, we are excited to share it with our readers.  One such story features two musicians, aged 88 and 102 respectively, who have written and recorded their first album, released November 15 online, proving it’s never too late and you’re never too old to live out your dreams. 

According to a recent CTVNews report, Marvin Weisbord and Alan R. Tripp met in a Pennsylvania retirement community where the two friends who share a love of music, started to collaborate on songwriting and over a period of two years, penned and recorded a whole album.  The music is reminiscent of the ‘40s with a bit of big band, jazz, swing, tango and rumba; but the lyrics reflect the lives of older adults today.  

With a touch of humor, irony and some more tender and melancholy moments, the self-funded album puts words and music to the experience of living in an age where reaching 100 years and more is achievable.  By staying open to new friendships and new experiences, the duo has been able to find joy and meaning even when loved-ones have passed and daily living may be challenging.

Not only does the social interaction a writing partnership offers help to prevent isolation for these friends, according to research by the Music Institute of Chicago, active music participation can also enhance memory, improve overall health and increase happiness.   Studies have found that participating in creating music can slow the effects of aging by helping to relieve stress and pain, improve stroke recovery, lower blood pressure and boost the immune system.  

Learn more about the benefits of music participation for older adults by following this link to a review of the literature published in the journal Music Education Research International.   And to purchase a CD of the album Senior Songbook or take a listen to song samples, click here