Seniors Learning Cane Fu For Self Defence

The children’s movie, Kung Fu Panda 3, may be one of the top movies in theaters this weekend but it’s seniors who are showing a growing interest in martial arts as Cane Fu classes catch on across America.  Older adults who want to learn to protect themselves with the help of their trusty walking sticks are flocking to self-defense classes focusing on cane fighting.

Cane-Fu classes are popping up at local senior’s centers and martial arts dojos where the traditional assistive device, more than 5,000 years old, has been reconfigured in harder, thicker wood with wider crooks to hook an attacker around the neck.  With a few strategic moves, the elderly or disable can inflict enough damage to send an assailant running (or limping) away.  The classes also focus on physical fitness as well as preparing seniors with the skills and confidence to escape a dangerous situation.  Unlike other weapons, canes can be taken almost anywhere, including airports.

If a class is not available in your area, you can purchase a DVD or digital Cane Fu manual through .  The following is just one of several manuals available:

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