Side Hustles with Valuable Employee Discounts

With inflation, staffing shortages, and supply chain issues driving up living expenses like food, housing, gas, and clothing, many older adults on a fixed retirement income are considering taking a part-time job to earn some extra money.  Working at a retailer or other business that offers employee discounts is a great way to save cash while earning additional income. 

According to a recent AARP Work & Jobs report, Target offers its employees a 10 percent online discount and an additional 20 percent off fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables as a wellness benefit.   The average Target wage is $16 per hour and the retailer is currently hiring full and part-time employees.  Walmart’s starting wage may be lower than Target but the employee discount of 10 percent on regularly priced products as well as discounts on gasoline, cellphones, and travel could compensate for lower salaries. 

Pet owners may want to consider taking a few weekly shifts to lower their monthly fur baby expenses.  Petco provides a standard 20 percent discount on food, merchandise, grooming, training, and veterinary services to employees, and some food brands may be discounted up to 40 percent.  

Other employers that offer valuable employee discounts that may interest seniors include drugstore chains, grocery stores, hotels, auto parts stores, and household goods retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond.  With employee discounts of up to 30 percent on frequently-purchased items, the savings can quickly add up over time. 

Tutoring or substitute teaching is another way older adults can earn extra money while staying active in their community.  Some employers also help subs earn a degree in early childhood education free of cost creating opportunities for second-act careers that can be fulfilling and meaningful. 

Before taking any job, be sure to find out what the physical demands of the work involve.  Employees may be required to stand for long periods of time, stock shelves, or deal with customer complaints.   Working a part-time remote job may also come with discount perks and offer more flexibility that suits older employees. 

Visit the AARP Job Board to search for employment near you that matches your experience and skill set.