Splints for Arthritic Fingers

Are you challenged by arthritis in your fingers yet the solution you’ve been given is a splint that fits over your entire hand and wrist … does a terrific job but basically leaves you unable to use your fingers productively? Or maybe a plastic splint that fits over the arthritic finger but slows your finger movements down to a snail’s pace?

Former Exeter, Ontario jeweller, Derek Bakelaar, had that experience following a hand injury and subsequently started a company called Digisplint. Derek’s business puts his jeweller’s skills to use crafting splints for arthritic fingers out of sterling silver or 10k gold so they look more like jewellry while letting the finger function more naturally. Digisplint manufactures orders for customers all over the world, frequently getting orders from therapists but just as often dealing with the customer’s needs directly.

Where to Buy It?


Digiplints are ideal when used to stabilize, align or rest a joint. They can prevent deformities or correct existing ones, relieve chronic pain, promote healing, provide post-surgical stabilization or alleviate the need for hand surgery. Primarily made to assist people with arthritis, Digisplints are also helpful for those with volar plate injury, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, tendon transfers, and hypermobile joints associated with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

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