The Age of Love – A Documentary of Elderly Speed Dating

Is longevity something to be celebrated if it can’t be shared with a loving companion?  A growing number of seniors who find themselves single in old age, whether it’s due to the death of a spouse, divorce or never finding the right person, are no longer content to maintain the status quo without at least giving love one more chance.

A recent documentary, released in 2014, followed a group of 30 seniors between the ages of 70 and 90 willing to give romance another shot by participating in speed dating, geared specifically to elderly clients.

The film uncovers the inner longings of seniors who still what we all want;  love, companionship, closeness and even romance.  Beneath an aging appearance, old people have the same needs and desires as their younger counterparts and as our ideas about aging shift, so do our expectations.  If you are going to live to one hundred and possibly outlive your partner and many of your friends,  you don’t have to do it alone.   “It’s never too late to date,” may be more than just a snappy catch-phrase, our society is rapidly changing and seniors are increasingly a vital part of the change.

With the over-65 population the fastest growing age group in the world, more and more seniors will find themselves thinking about searching for love later in life.  However, a new set of concerns including health, financial limitations and self-image may have seniors entering the dating scene  just as flustered as they were as young teenagers.  If you haven’t been on a date in 50 years, it might be more than just a bit intimidating.   The documentary explores all the underlying emotions and challenges facing elderly singles as filmmakers follow the dating life of adults over 70.

To learn more about hosting a screening of the film or a dating event, visit the movie’s website at .

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