Timex Releases New Senior Smartwatch

If you aren’t eager to drop several hundred dollars on an Apple Watch with fall detection this holiday season, but you would like some reassurance that an older loved one is safe, there are some newer and more affordable devices available that include senior smartwatch functions like fall detection and location tracking. 

Depending on your cellular services, the Timex Family Connect Senior smartwatch can be a wallet-friendly option to help seniors live independently with peace of mind and connection for families.  The Family Connect series includes GSP tracking through a companion mobile app, two-way calling, instant messaging, fall detection, heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, and a dedicated SOS button.  In the United States, the smartphone is $6.75 per month for 24 months with a minimum $49 accessory purchase and qualifying service or $162 plus tax to pay in full. The Timex Family Connect Senior smartwatch is only available within the US.

T-Mobile isn’t the only cellular provider getting in on the senior care smartwatch market.  Verizon Care Smartwatch is available for $6.24 per month for 24 months or for $149.99 with a one-time activation fee of $35.  The device features simplified calling and texting, GPS tracking, and a location alert. Again, this is only available within the US.

Samsung’s Galaxy 4 smartwatch is a new release that features trip detection, two-way calling, messaging, and a host of health and fitness functions including ECG monitoring.  If a fall is detected, the device will automatically contact a pre-programmed number if the wearer fails to respond to an alert text within 60 seconds.  The Galaxy can pair with both Apple and Android devices and is durable with a long battery life.  The LTE US version of the Galaxy Watch 4 is currently on sale for $259.99 on Amazon and is listed at Best Buy in Canada for the sale price of $249.

Check with your cellular provider for more smartwatches and other devices that can work with or without a smartphone.