Vision Tech Reads to Impaired Wearers

If you are addicted to the television show The Doctors, you are not alone, and with good reason.  Experts bring to light new studies, products and innovations to improve health and well-being that can be life-changing.  And recently, a new piece of technology to help blind or vision impaired people live more independently was showcased on the program. 

OrCam is a small device that attaches to the wearer’s glasses and using artificial vision technology, is able to read aloud print on paper, currency or labels and can recognize stored images of faces.  It can also alert the wearer who may be in the room with them.

Being blind, having visual impairments or other reading difficulties can be a significant obstacle for independent living as well as safety.  This new wearable device, which supports more than 20 languages, uses artificial intelligence technology to read text, respond to voice commands, recognize faces, identify products, identify colors and recognize barcodes.   Visually impaired people can move more confidently and independently through their day, assured they are not overpaying for products or services.  

For older adults, being able to read the daily newspaper or shop independently with low vision can help promote greater independence and enable continued social interaction.   Seniors with vision problems can sometimes withdraw from social situations and become isolated which may lead to depression.  Treating vision problems medically is, of course, the first step but when little can be done, OrCam offers a new alternative.   Grandparents can enjoy reading to their grandchildren again and participate more fully in daily activities.

Loss of vision is also associated with a decline in cognitive function among older adults.  Over time, studies have shown that declining vision factors into cognitive deterioration and can significantly affect physical and psychological health and quality of life.

Vision is also important for the safety of older adults; whether it’s reading the label on prescription medication or the expiry date on food, real-time visual recognition technology can help improve safety, well being and preserve independence.   Learn more by following this link to the company website.