WalkWise Helps Seniors Stay Safer at Home

Preventing falls is a paramount concern for seniors and caregivers; falls among older adults are a leading cause of hospitalization and injuries which frequently result in a loss of independence.  But older adults who live alone don’t always follow doctor’s instructions to properly use assistive devices like a walker, and caregivers or loved-ones may not know what’s going on at home until it’s too late.  That’s where a new walker tracking device comes in, and it could be a game-changer helping to keep seniors safer and healthier at home. 

According to a recent report by the Silicon Prairie News, a division of the AIM Institute, the development of smart walker technology may help health care providers and caregivers for older adults collect data that can be used to improve mobility and pick up on changes in movement habits that may indicate a health problem.  The WalkWise system is a discrete and straightforward device that is attached almost invisibly to the wheel of a walker, much like a hubcap.  The hub collects motion data that is uploaded when connected to WiFi to be reviewed by an authorized family member, caregiving staff or health care professional. 

The small device allows family to check to see if an older relative is maintaining their regular movement habits or if something has changed which might warrant a visit.  For example; if grandma is usually up having breakfast by 8 a.m. but there is no motion tracked by 9 or 10 a.m., a family member or neighbor could check in person to see that all is well.  Subtle changes in schedule, noted by the motion detector can also alert caregivers to a health problem like a urinary tract infection, common among elderly adults which can result in changes in cognition such as confusion or even delirium.   If unusual, repeat trips to the bathroom at night are noticed by the time and distance, it can be an indication of an infection.  

With no wearable device to charge, remember to wear, or feel self-conscious about using, the WalkWise system allows family and other authorized caregivers to check activity, set alerts if there is no movement for a prescribed period of time and discretely ensure the well-being of a senior living alone.  The device may be a perfect compromise for seniors who want to age-in-place as long as possible and family worried about their safety.  

Learn more about WalkWise by following this link to the company website.