What colour is your pee?

What’s ‘normal’ and what needs to be looked at by your doctor? It varies from person to person and depends a lot on what you eat and drink, to be sure. Eat a lot of beets or even rhubarb? You might expect to see your pee tinged with a bit of red. Drink a lot of water? Your pee may be very clear. Medications can also have an effect on the colour of your pee.

Adults who drink around 2 litres of liquid (8.5 cups) each day ┬ácan be expected to pee anywhere from 400 mL to 2,000 mL (1.7 to 8.5 cups) according to Livestrong. Have a chat with your doctor if you feel that your aren’t managing this.

Next, what colour is your pee? There can be a variety of colours affected by a number of factors. For the effects of various foods and medications, follow this link and for a quick reference check the chart below.