Chapter 17 – A Time for Celebration

Mom has now spent some time in the nursing home and things are going very well. She is happy and content and her care is wonderful. She talks about her girls (the nursing staff) and checks her journal to see what they have done for her today. We can see such a difference in her it is very interesting. I think she was getting nervous as she knew she was not able to care for herself anymore like she once did. She became more relaxed and self-confident in the nursing home which was wonderful to see. There seems to be a lot more activity in the nursing home and Mom is thrilled to participate in all of it.

The seasons are changing and so November 1st it’s time to put the Christmas decorations on display. Mom has always loved Christmas and so I make sure that her room had as many decorations as possible! The shopping trips have become too much for her, so I would bring the treasures to her so she could see what I had purchased. She did not remember any of the gifts but it was important to me to keep her included as much as possible. She was fine to just let me do things, but I feel the more she interacts the better it is for her. Life was wonderful for her not a worry in the world just joy! What a blessed way to live.

The Christmas family dinner celebrations were coming up at the facility and we were invited to attend on November 23, 2017. As there were a large number of residents each one was only allowed to invite three guests. Of course she was happy and looking forward to the evening. There was going to be a complete turkey dinner, but the fact that family was coming was of more excitement to her than what was on the menu. She waited patiently for everyone to come.

When the designated time arrived we were escorted to the dining room where all the residents and their families were gathered for dinner. She was so happy it brought tears to my eyes to watch her chat to people wishing them Merry Christmas.  She walked thru the buffet line with us smiling and choosing what I should place on her plate. It was a blessed time. My youngest son, (her youngest grandson) was following her and her main concern was the amount of food on his plate. “Be sure to get enough to eat” she passed on to him smiling with such joy that he was there. The two of them headed back to the table together and she was glowing with pride. Her grandchildren brought such great joy to her, they were her world. My two sons had an amazing bond with their grandmother, and my brother’s son and daughter did as well. My boys were lucky to have spent so many hours of their young lives with their grandmother and the three of them had a connection that was wonderful to watch. We were all very lucky that her vascular dementia was very slow moving and we were given the opportunity for so many of these special events. This evening was a great experience for all and we had lots of laughs. I cherish every one of these opportunities to see her filled with happiness. It really is what life is all about sharing the love and the joy. On this night you could see her heart was full and she was so happy. I was so grateful for her and for these very special moments. She was chatting with the other residents and their families and it was truly a wonderful night of making memories.