Condo Complex for LGBTQ Seniors

Retirement should be a time of life one looks forward to with great anticipation; enjoying the fruit of years of hard work and spending time at a more relaxed pace with friends and family.  But for older adults in the LGBTQ community, the picture isn’t always so rosy. Many LGBTQ seniors face discrimination and bullying, making them feel unsafe in traditional over-55 living environments.  A new condo community under construction in Palm Springs hopes to change all that with a 105-unit complex built to meet the needs of a growing LGBTQ senior population.

According to a recent Housing report in the Press-Enterprise, Living Out is a community designed by and for LGBTQ seniors and is hoped to be the first of many complexes planned for communities across the United States. One and two-bedroom units will be priced starting at just under $700,000 and the community will include pools, a spa, fitness center, dog park, putting green, dining and a private theatre.

LGBTQ seniors are more likely to be childless and single in older age and often face hostility from residents of traditional retirement communities.  Living Out hopes to provide a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment that allows LGBTQ seniors to live authentically.  Palm Springs is not only known for golfing, shopping and dining; it has a vibrant culture that includes a large gay population. 

According to a recent national study, the number of LGBTQ seniors is expected to double in the U.S. to more than 4 million by 2030.  Many older LGBTQ adults do not have family support to help them later in life and are generally an underserved segment of the senior population which leads to a greater risk for social isolation, physical and mental health problems, chronic conditions and even early death.  To combat this problem, more LGBTQ older adults are developing their own communities and creating more diverse events where all seniors are welcome.  Learn more about Aging with Pride, by following this link to The Gerontologist’s supplemental issue dedicated to topics related to the LGBTQ elder population.