Free Online Workouts

You’ve washed your hands ten times before lunch, disinfected all high-touch surfaces, stocked enough food and household supplies to last months and taken the dog for a walk, but still, you might be feeling restless.  Besides reading, crafting, cooking and binge-watching Netflix, there are also physical activities you can join virtually. With most gyms and studios closed during the COVID-19 outbreak, many fitness clubs and trainers are offering free online classes while social distancing and sheltering in place continues.

It’s all too easy to lay off on your daily exercise routine, especially when it seems like there are more important issues facing older adults.  But staying healthy and keeping your immune system strong requires not only a nutritious diet, proper rest and good hygiene; exercise can help boost mood and fight stress which may impair the body’s ability to fight infection.  Whether you are accustomed to cycling on a stationary bike, walking on a treadmill or practicing yoga, there is an online workout for your fitness interest and level. 

If you have a gym membership, check with your studio’s website or social media page to see if they are offering online classes.   The YMCA 360 website offers more than 60 free online exercise classes for all ages and abilities of people doing their part by staying home; barre, yoga, Tai Chi, weightlifting, boxing and boot camp are just a few of the many video programs available.

If you already own a treadmill or stationary bike, you can try out the Peloton app with a new free 90-day trial.   They also have strength training, yoga and stretching videos with leading trainers. Or use your own body weight to tone up and perhaps slim down with Don Saladino who is offering a free 4-week training program and daily live Instagram feeds.  

If you are in need of some mental health support, Talkspace is hosting daily mental wellness discussions through Instagram’s Story feature; find them by using #MentalHealthStandUps.  Healthcare workers can access Headspace Plus, an app that provides guided meditations, free of charge through the rest of this year.

Get up, get moving, wave at your neighbors and try to stay calm while staying safe.