Gadgets For Golfing Into The Golden Years

Golfing is one of the most popular senior activities in North America; it is estimated by a recent Golf Participation Report that more than 20 per cent of the Canadian population play.  But arthritis, injury and loss of mobility can make it difficult for older adults to enjoy the game. Helpful gadgets and accessories are increasingly available to make playing less of a challenge as we age.

For those suffering from arthritis, gripping the club can be difficult and gloves, designed to improve grip or secure the club in the hand, can help.   Clubs can also be fitted with oversized grips which can make it easier and more comfortable to grasp.  Many popular manufacturers are responding to demand with clubs developed especially for the older golfer.

For those with back, hip or knee problems, bending to place or mark the ball or to repair divots can be very challenging.  There are several devices which can do the reaching for you and allow older players to enjoy the love of the game without pain from bending.

For those who still want to walk the greens, new lighter three or four wheeled push carts offer more stability and can be adjusted to fit the player.  Seniors who are serious about golf but have lost mobility can still play from a seated position with new motorized carts that are fitted with a swivel seat which elevates to allow a full swing.

Golfers who want to keep improving and aren’t intimidated by technology may want to investigate golf swing analyzers that link to a smartphone or tablet and are designed to offer coaching to perfect your swing.

For these and many more assistive devices to help seniors enjoy the game of golf long into old age, check with your local pro shop or golfing outfitter to learn more.  The chance to get outdoors and enjoy social interaction and physical activity is well worth a little research into making it feasible at any age or ability.

For more information about senior golf in Canada, visit the Canadian Seniors’ Golf Association website at .