Get Caught Up with Grandparenting Classes

Many would assume being a great grandparent comes pretty naturally, after all you’ve already raised at least one child and learned from all your mistakes.  But with changing times, new technology and trends, expectant grandparents may want to consider a refresher course.  Many are offered at hospitals or health systems; try inquiring at the facility where the grandchild will be delivered or in your own area.  Online classes are also available.

From learning how to install modern car seats to understanding new guidelines about swaddling, sleeping, nutrition and other safety concerns, grandparents can refresh their skills and catch up on recent developments.  One of the biggest changes in recent infant care is placing babies on their back, rather than their tummies, to sleep in order to help prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).  Many classes also coordinate with a infant-child CPR class.

Besides addressing the more recent changes in prenatal care, delivery and child care, grandparenting classes also touch on the role of grandparent as a source of support for new parent, offering advice only when solicited.  This can be an excellent opportunity for grandparents to adjust to their new role, understanding what they can expect and possibly avoiding future conflicts.  When grandparents learn all about tummy time, crib safety, childproofing and loads more modern infant care information,  parents can be reassured their baby is in great hands when help is offered.

If a grandparenting class is not available near you, ask the parents-to-be what books or other resources they are using, then you will all be on the same page.  Look for reputable sources of childcare information and always use either government pages or respected hospitals for any medical recommendations.  To learn more about being a grandparent in today’s world visit .