Grandparent’s Day at the Family Table

For many families the love, support and caregiving grandparents provide is invaluable and September 8, loved ones can celebrate the important contribution older adults make on Grandparent’s Day 2019.  This year’s theme is “Dig in!  Bringing generations to the table” which encourages friends and families to return to the dining table together to share stories and healthy, nutritious meals. 

More than 7.8 million children across the United States live in a household headed by grandparents or other relatives.  Grandparents often provide unpaid caregiving that saves families countless dollars in childcare expenses or step in to raise children when their biological parents are not able to care for them. 

Years ago, it was the norm for extended families to gather at least once a week to share a meal.  But busy work, school and extracurricular schedules have allowed this tradition to slip away in many households.   And older adults, especially those who live alone, often suffer from social isolation and don’t always cook nutritious meals for themselves. 

Grandparent’s Day this year also focuses attention on the problem of food insecurity among seniors and helps connect older adults with resources to access nutritious meals in their communities.  Whether it’s a Meals on Wheels service, a community center lunch program or an intergenerational community garden, there are many ways for older adults to get nutritious meals, if they know where to look. 

According to Generations United, an advocate for children, youth and older adults, nearly 1 in 12 Americans over the age of 60 are at risk of hunger of food insecurity.  Good nutrition helps prevent chronic illness, improve memory, maintain physical fitness and reduce the number of trips seniors make to the doctor.  Addressing hunger also help reduce stress and anxiety among older adults, improving the overall quality of life. 

Learn more about bridging the generations by following Generations United’s Facebook page here.   Let us know how you are planning to celebrate the Grands this year!