Group Tours Popular for Solo Travelers

Life often doesn’t work out quite the way we planned and many middle-aged and older adults who had dreamed of traveling with their partner in retirement or when the nest was empty have found themselves alone without a travel buddy.  That’s why it’s not surprising group tours are gaining popularity among solo travelers, especially now as navigating COVID-19 travel regulations has become an added burden for explorers. 

According to a recent New York Times Travel newsletter, tour organizers are reporting an unprecedented rise in bookings for lone travelers, many of whom had never joined a group trip before. With so many rapidly changing pandemic rules for testing, masks, and vaccination, having a tour operator handle these requirements helps make travel more enjoyable and less stressful.  Because all travelers in a group trip must be fully vaccinated, solo travelers concerned about health safety can relax knowing their companions are unlikely to expose them to coronavirus. 

Women are especially becoming more interested in group travel, frequently with other women who share a common interest.  Women are often more social than men and after long periods of isolation, and many people still working from home, they are craving social contact.  Safety is also a driving factor in the growing popularity of group travel among women.  Whether hiking in Moab or exploring New York City, it’s a safer bet to enjoy these adventures as part of a group. 

The group tour experience has also improved significantly in recent years and smaller tour operators are designing unique activities that range from European culinary walking tours to an Icelandic Yurt adventure – and everything in between.  Learn more about solo group travel adventures, and what is possible by following this link to the Solo Traveler.