Happiness is the Truth for Canadian Seniors

Older Canadians are the happiest segment of society according to the findings of a recent survey conducted for Revera and the International Federation of Aging. Being happy is not just a result of good health, it may actually slow the aging process.

If you enjoy life, you are more likely to be active through old age and according to a study published in the January edition of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, unhappy people are 80 per cent more likely to develop impairments in daily function.

According to the Revera survey, seventy per cent of older seniors surveyed reported they would consider themselves happy compared with 29 per cent of Gen Y, 33 per cent of Gen X, 47 per cent of Boomers and 53 per cent of Seniors.

What accounts for this rise in happiness with old age when aging is known to be perceived in a negative light by most Canadians? The survey provides insight into this contradiction. Older seniors, over 75, attributed their overall happiness to a sense of optimism about aging and a lack of stress over raising a family and working. Keeping active both mentally and physically is a big part of maintaining a positive outlook and the older generation is doing a better job of believing that age is just a number.
Age Breakdown

Gen Y (18-32)
Gen X (33-45)
Baby Boomers (46-65)
Seniors (66-74)
Older Seniors (75 plus)