Never Too Old for Fun and Games

As people age, sometimes they forget how much fun it can be just to have fun. The world can become more exciting and inviting when we give ourselves permission to play. That’s why it is such a good idea to explore many different options for having fun. Think of the importance of social activities for children. They learn to interact with others, build friendships, and keep their brains and bodies healthy as they grow. For seniors social activities stimulate the brain and keep those neurons firing, build friendships and bring joy through interacting with others. Whether it’s going to bingo, joining a book club or chatting with a friend it is all important as we age. We need to be social, meet new people, build new relationships and enjoy the benefits of a wide-ranging social network. Every senior deserves to pursue enjoyable pastimes that make them laugh, lose track of time, or feel like a kid at heart. Many of the best activities for seniors have a minimal cost which makes it easier to participate.

The greatest fun for some seniors is time with their grandchildren. Whether building a fort or baking cookies any time spent together brings great joy to both. Reading a favorite book to your little person or having them read a book to grandma, either way is such fun. Of course, coloring is a favorite of most children and the activity can be very calming and enjoyable for both the senior and the child. If you don’t have grandchildren and would enjoy spending time with children, then volunteer at a local school or daycare center.

There can be many opportunities within your community to find some fun activities. Check with your local senior center or city or town offices to find out what’s available for seniors. The local library may also have some information to share with you. Get out and get motivated! Many places offer indoor bowling in the winter and lawn bowling in the summer. Shuffleboard is another popular active game and, of course, Pickle Ball  seems to be the latest fun game for seniors.

If you are looking for something a little less active, you can certainly find that as well. There will be opportunities with church groups, volunteer organizations or your local senior center. Deciding to volunteer at a senior’s home or hospital may bring you joy and an opportunity to meet new people.   Look for an outreach program or dining for seniors, both can be a chance to have a social time and enjoy a good healthy meal. They may have a program after the meal or may offer some fun time after for card games or board games.

There are bridge clubs, euchre clubs, craft clubs, and crokinole clubs to name a few. If there is not a club for an activity that you enjoy then talk to the recreation staff about creating one. A knitting or crochet club, a puzzle club, a quilting club or possibly a board game club.  There are exercise clubs, dancing clubs and you can even take cooking or painting classes. The possibilities are endless, all you must do is decide its time to have fun and join in! Don’t let the word “club” scare you. Two people can create a club. If there is something you enjoy doing there may be others who would enjoy it as well. A club is just a group of people having fun together!

Summer activities include horseshoes, boccia ball, golf, walking groups and swimming at the local pool. These are just some ideas; your community may offer different opportunities.  If you are still a rural living senior, then contact the closest community and see what they have available for you to participate in.

There are so many ways to get out and enjoy life and it’s so good for you. Social activity helps maintain and build new relationships. The brain requires social stimulation on a regular basis for any age group. Getting out and having fun helps you to stay connected, improve your health, both physically and mentally and keeps you inspired. We have only listed a few opportunities in this article but take the time to find fun in your area. The possibilities could be endless, and you have worked hard in your life, so take the time now to play!