Sharing Weekly Stories Connects Families

When faced with their own mortality, many older adults ponder the legacy they will leave to their children and future generations.  After months of social isolation, many families have created new traditions and found new ways to stay connected using social media, video calls, and newer technologies to share memories, play games, or perhaps even vent some frustrations.  But what about sharing memories?

Historically, people have kept diaries to share their stories and have a record of their lives for posterity.  Today, social apps like Instagram have become a kind of diary for people to save and share a moment in their lives with friends and family.  Whether the occasions are simple everyday events or exciting adventures, these memories of one’s life can be stored and revisited online. 

But if older adults want to use an online format and dig a little deeper into one’s beliefs, values, accomplishments, and family history, a journal can offer more opportunities for meaningful insights.  A recent Maria Shriver post, Journey to a Family Legacy, explores how to adapt the concept of a diary in a more modern and accessible way.  The StoryWorth program, for example, provides weekly emailed writing prompts that help adults create a lasting collection of thoughts, memories, and feelings that will be bound into a hard copy book at the year’s end.

The sharing of memories, inspirations, or family dynamics can help children and grandchildren develop a closer bond and stay connected, even over long distances.  By answering questions, both the writer and the reader may learn something more about themselves and their true identity and values.   

Need a unique gift for a hard-to-buy-for loved one?  A StoryWorth subscription can be electronically delivered in time for the holidays and the recipient can choose with whom to share their stories each week or opt to wait for the keepsake book to be bound after 12 months. 

Learn more about how StoryWorth works by following this link to the program website. 

DailyOm also offers a 52-week course with creative writing exercises to help attain a deeper understanding of memories, life experiences and gain new perspectives.  A Year of Writing to Uncover the Authentic Self is also available to purchase online here