Tablets and Apps Help Seniors Stay Connected

As the weather turns cooler, it’s a reminder of the winter days ahead and many long-distance caregivers will worry about elderly loved ones who may not be able to get out as much once the snow and ice arrives.  But thanks to today’s technology, friends and family can stay in close touch even from a great distance and a new cellular tablet designed for older adults can help loved ones connect.

The GrandPad tablet allows older adults to connect with family and friends through a private network accessible on iPhone and Android, iPad or a desktop computer.   Using a clean and simple home screen, seniors can call loved ones, send voice emails, request a ride (in partnership with Lyft), view photos and videos, play games and listen to their favorite music; all with ease.  The design of the tablet, application and services on the GrandPad make it effortless for older adults to connect with friends, family, services and caregivers, all with one user-friendly device.  And with wireless data and a private network, seniors can stay safe with remaining engaged.

Social isolation, especially among elderly adults who live alone and may no longer drive, can be a serious health risk.  Regular social interaction has been found to play an important role in maintaining good health and living well into old age.  A study out of Harvard Medical School in 2010 found that the lack of satisfying relationships with family and friends increased the risk for premature death by 50 percent, which is comparable with smoking up to 15 cigarettes each day.

A network of close companions and family members can help lower stress levels and even reduce the risk for developing dementia in older age.  Both offering and receiving support is good for your health and longevity; increasing hormone levels that lower stress and help support physical as well as psychological health.

Although it’s ideal to connect with friends and family in person on a regular basis, using technology can be an important tool to stand in and connect loved ones when traveling is just not possible.   Learn more by following this link to the GrandPad website.

If an older loved one already has a tablet but finds it’s too difficult to use, senior-friendly apps like Oscar Senior can help simplify the home screen and provide remote access for family to offer assistance.