Wearables Step It Up

Aging boomers, who are mostly pretty tech-savvy, may take notice of the latest generation of wearable technology aimed at the 65 and older adult who wants the peace of mind that if they go out alone and fall or become ill, can get help with the push of a button.  But this definitely is not your grandmother’s call alert button.

Wearable technology is moving forward in leaps and bounds with smartwatches and activity trackers that boast heart-rate monitors, messaging, accelerometers and gps (global positioning system) tracking.  A few forward-thinking devices are surfacing that combine safety features for emergencies with some of the functions of an activity tracker;  all the while masquerading as modern pieces of jewelry.

WiseWear, is one such company that has designed a smart bracelet which conceals tracking technology and connects with a cellular phone via Bluetooth signals and a mobile app.  The user can alert emergency contacts with a tap and send a text message dropping a pin at their exact GPS location.  The device will automatically turn on the microphone on the wearer’s phone to record while in distress mode.  Iris Apfel, the face of WiseWear, has been a style icon for more than 60 years and remains very active at 94, describing herself as a “geriatric starlet”.   To learn more visit: https://wisewear.com/ .

Seniors today are living longer and increasingly more active lifestyles than they were even 20 years ago and technology is finding ways to keep up with the growing needs of an aging population. To keep up-to-date on the rapidly expanding technology in development specifically for older adults, visit Aging in Place Technology Watch at http://www.aginginplacetech.com.